Illinois Autoowners with auto insurance coverage

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Most auto insurance policyholders know only the basics about car insurance. They probably just know that the insurance company pays for any damage caused by the person who caused the accident. What they do not realize is that insurance is a complex instrument with several coverages that one can choose depending on what the user requires. Below are a few coverages that the car owner can choose from.

Bodily injury liability

Bodily injury insurance coverage usually offers protection when you injure or even kill another person as you drive your car. In case the other party sues you, this coverage will cover the cost. This coverage comes in handy when you have caused an accident and you do not want to jeopardize your assets settling medical bills and lawsuits. It is worth noting that bodily injury liability covers the other person and not the car.

Property damage liability

In case you are in an accident and you damage another person’s property, property damage liability will help cover the damages. It will also cover the legal fees just in case they sue you. It is wise to purchase a cover that has the same level of coverage of the damage your car would cause to another person’s property.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage

This covers for your injuries in case you were in an accident caused by another motorist who is either uninsured or underinsured. In some states, the uninsured motorist coverage does not cover damage to your vehicle. Given that there are so many motorists driving with no insurance it is wise to get this coverage.

Collision coverage

Purchasing a car is an asset. You want to protect your investment at all costs, and that is what collision coverage covers this. In case the car hits an object or gets hit this coverage will cover the cost.

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