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At Jones Insurance Agency, consumers will find customized solutions for their health insurance needs. We are an independent agency that works closely with each client and represent some of the best national insurance companies. Whether you need an auto insurance or a health insurance, Jones Insurance Agency will help you find the right insurance policy to fit your budget and needs.

Our team at Jones Insurance Agency is solely dedicated helping clients to find the best health insurance policy. As an independent insurance agency, we serve both residential clients and employees of a business or corporation. Our comparison tool and quote generation tool will help you compare different health insurance policies, their health benefits, coverage, and rates. For detailed information, you can always reach out to one of our agents and he or she will help you learn more about hospital networks, health coverage options and health benefits of each insurance plan that we offer.

Our company offers long-term health insurance for seniors and people who need physical and mental care for a prolonged period of time. Talk to one of our insurance experts to find out more about long-term care or ADL insurance.

Our typical healthcare insurance has two categories: Fee-for-service and Managed care. The plans under the Fee-for-service include a small payment or co-payment for each service provided by a healthcare practitioner. In contrast, the managed care insurance policies often follow a specific HMOs or health maintenance organizations and doctors falling under that network are only covered by this insurance plan. While most long-term insurances are similar, our short-term insurances are highly customizable based on each buyer’s needs.

Our team can also help you club your vision and dental insurances with your medical insurance at a discounted price. Businesses and corporations needing group quotes can always contact our experts for a custom tailed group quote. Each of the health insurance policies provided by us is regulated by the Illinois Department of Insurance. Because we are an independent insurance agency, we don’t promote any particular insurer. Instead, we strive to give each customer the best possible customized quote and the right healthcare insurance meeting their budget, interest, and needs.